Monday, Monday

All right, one day down, four to go.  I know it’s not the greatest outlook to have on the week, but I have so much crazy shiz I must accomplish before Friday that I’m already cranky thinking about it.  That being said, perhaps a nice Monday night cocktail set to the sounds of some local tunes might do the trick, so if you’re feeling like I am, here are some places to let loose this Monday night!

There’ll be some free bluegrass over at Empire Dine and Dance in Portland where you can take in some fine, traditional bluegrass courtesy of Portland’s own bluegrass supergroup, The Stowaways, as well as participate in an open bluegrass jam session that starts downstairs right around 6.  So bring something to pick and/or pluck and get ready to jam out, The Stowaways will keep your toes tapping with a set of tunes that’ll start after the open jam right around 8pm.

Free Monday action over at RiRa on Commercial Street in Portland where yet another installment of Evan Walsh aka EvGuy’s open mic series takes place.  Each and every Monday evening EvGuy hosts his own version of an adult talent show starting right around 8 o’clock.  Instruments are provided and if you can’t actually play one, EvGuy will be more than happy to bang out a manageable version of a song for you to sing along to.

I’m pretty certain that those of you who love and live by the code of Morrissey are aware that he’ll be taking the stage at the majestic State Theatre in Portland tonight. Joining the former front man of The Smiths will be St. Louis’ singer-songwriter Kristeen Young.  Make sure you are devoid of all meat products upon entering the venue beginning at 8 o’clock this evening.

The Big Easy invites one and all to their weekly jam session known as The Players Ball.  This event is for musicians and music lovers alike as you can bring your instrument and come play with other cats from around town or simply come watch some of your favorite artists do their thing on stage.  If you come to play you get in for free and if you’re just coming by to take in the spectacle of it all its only three bucks.  The Players Ball will feature a house band of Adam Frederick, Warren McPhearson, Max Cantlin, Reed Chambers as well as a slew of special guests.  Things get fun and funky beginning at 9 o’clock this evening.



Feature Image of The Nunz courtesy of Matthew Robbins Photography.


Getting Silly This Saturday

I’m just going to come right out and say it: I’m absolutely sure that this Saturday is just going to get straight up silly. I’m in the process of getting my shit together so I can get out of town for a hot second and head up to Sugarloaf to party with The Mallett Brothers Band at The Rack. Everytime I have been to The Rack it has been an absolutely ridiculous time with drunken people absolutely doing it to it. So with that being said, make sure you’ve done some lunges and/or stretching to compensate for the amount of booty shaking I’m certain you’ll all be doing this evening.  Lots and lots of salacious Saturday happenings going down, so let’s not waste any time and get right to it, shall we?

Joshua Hughes Entertainment will be putting on a musical stage production this afternoon over at The Big Easy in Portland. Beginning at 4 o’clock you can check out this musical story about the contrasting lives of best friends, Bradley, the riveted drug dealer and Sean, the hard working honest man. When Bradley bites off more than he can chew from the streets he gets those closest to him involved.  Will Bradley continue his detrimental ways or will he decide to change before it’s too late?  Check out CHANGE if you’re out and about this afternoon and hoping to take in something a little different, it should be a good time.

Stick around the Big Easy if you’re looking to get down on some funk and soul at a reasonable hour this Saturday night for another installment of the Saturday Night Soul, Jazz and Blues Series, which begins right around 8 o’clock. The Blues Prophets will keep your rump shaking this evening, so head on down and check ‘em out.

Too Broke To Be This Drunk returns to Bayside Bowl in Portland with another evening of one of the best old school country nights around. The fellas in Big Ass Rooter provide some foot-stomping, good old-fashioned twang for you to shake your spurs to while sipping on some moonshine…er, beer.  Fronted by two talented pickers, Matthew Robbins and Tim Emery, Big Ass Rooster bring special guests to the stage to croon a few songs with them and tonight’s guest musician is none other than Mr. Jay Basiner of Portland’s Americana roots rock act This Way.  So dust off your boots and maybe line your cowboy hat with some flannel since it is a bit nippy out there and head on down to Bayside Bowl and 8 o’clock tonight.

If you’re looking for a bit of girl power this evening then look no further than The Asylum in Portland where tonight boasts Portland’s League of Extraordinary Women!  I think it’s important to state that the following broads who will be performing are absolutely amazing musicians, but there are plenty of wonderful women in Portland who won’t be doing their thing at The Asylum tonight, so make sure you’re always aware of the power of the ladies in the local music scene!  That being said, don’t miss out on tonight’s exceptional evening of music featuring Amy Allen, Darien Brahms, Anna Lombard, Kenya Hall, dilly dilly, Lady Essence, Sontiago and Kristina Kentigian. This is going to be one hell of an estrogen-driven show, so be sure you show up right around 9 or else I’m pretty certain these chicks will kick your ass!

And downstairs at The Asylum Milled Pavement presents and evening of everything from dubstep to techno, house music and more with DJ Beatmo, Mike Clouds and H.Jort & St. Pierre.  Things get started around 9 and are free.

Maybe you need a little bit of rock and roll to shake it out to this Saturday night, then make sure you make your way down to Geno’s in Portland for tonight’s show featuring Two Forty Gordy, Society Inc and Thee Icepicks.  Things get cranking around 9.

If you’re looking to kick back with a beverage and take in the scenes of the Old Port on a Saturday night then head over to Sonny’s right around 10 o’clock where mosart212 will be spinning records all night long.

If you’re in the Waterville area tonight, head over to Mainely Brews where the very unique prog-rock band, The 220s will be playing.  The 220s take their influences from The Beatles to Pink Floyd to Radiohead and create something that is truly all their own.  I’ve been nothing but impressed by these dudes, so if you find yourself in the area, check them out starting at 9

f you’re hanging in Hallowell this evening swing by The Easy Street Lounge where local musician David Jacquet does his acoustic duo thing tonight. Starting at 9, David will be playing some acoustic jams alongside his Uke n’ Smile bandmate, Keith Kitchin.

Don’t Be a Douchebag!

Don’t Be a Douchebag!  GO to A Concert for Bullying Awareness at The Asylum in Portland this afternoon from 1 to 6!

Local hip-hopper Spose and some other talented cats from around the local scene have come together to help raise awareness and hopefully some money for Project AWARE. Project AWARE is an organization that helps to empower kids by leading by example, especially in circumstances where peers are being bullied.  If you were unAWARE (see what I did there?) October is National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month.  I think we all remember being bullied at one point or another growing up, but I personally feel that the problem is even more elevated with the introduction of cyber bullying.  It’s tough enough going through your awkward stages in real life, but it’s even tougher when they’re played out for the entire world to see through cyber space.  Kids can be exceptionally cruel to one another not just in real life, but through social media outlets as well. I commend Spose and his effort to get this project together.  $5 at the door this afternoon will get you in to the show, which will feature live performances from not only Spose, but also Dean Ford, Steiner Street, Better Than, The Running Gags, Beware of Pedestrians and God.Damn.Chan.  If the event raises enough money, some of the donations will go towards creating a video for Spose’s song “Jimmy!”, an unofficial anthem against bullying.  So if you’re hanging around this afternoon, swing by and show some love and let everyone know that you aren’t a douchebag.

For Shame! I Need A Nap.

First and foremost, HAPPY FLIPPIN’ FRIDAY.

I am currently experiencing little to no brain function at this moment in time so I hope that you all can forgive me for this less than stellar post, but I am in dire need of a nap.  I’ve come close to tears a few times today out of sheer exhaustion (and vodka deficiency) and even yelled at my cat for not having a job.  I promise to get and do better tomorrow.  Here’s what’s on the docket for this fine Friday evening.

Papadello at Local Sprouts 7pm

Jason Melanson at Blue 8pm

Pete Witham & The Cozmik Zombies at The Frog & Turtle in Westbrook 8:30pm

Mac Lemarco, Lantern and Whip Hands at SPACE 8:30pm

The Pubcrawlers, Blaggards and The Outsiders at The Asylum 9pm

JT Lockwood Band CD Release Party with Mellow Endeavor and Hutch Heelan at Big Easy Portland 9pm

Pigboat, Paige Turner and Sonic Titan at Geno’s 9pm

Jacob Augustine & special guests perform Frontier in its entirety with Butcher Boy and Greg Jamie (O’Death) at Empire Dine and Dance 9pm

Foundation Friday with BILLA and Mr. Dereloid at Flask Lounge 9pm

DIRIGIMUS Farewell Show Day 2 with God.Damn.Chan, Altered Gee, Contrapposto and an opening set by The Restless Shades 9pm

Welterweight and The Townies at Bayside Bowl 9pm

Hello Newman at Bull Feeney’s 9:30pm

Mystic Folk Opera at Blue on Congress Street 10pm

The Hollow Glow album release party with Loki, Sound and Vision and Better Than at Club Texas in Auburn 8pm

You’re Cool and All, But Please Hurry Up, Thursday.

Ah yes, Thursday, the day of the week where you know you’ve almost completely made it.  It’s a beautiful thing really and I’ve found in my time of being able to go out and enjoy adult beverages paired with live music that Thursdays generally never disappoint.  So throw all caution to the wind and get down on it this evening.

SPACE Gallery offers up an interesting evening of film and music with a screening of Next Atlantis.  Presented in collaboration with the Portland Chamber Music Festival, the film is a multimedia reflection on life in New Orleans after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina.  It features music for string quartet by composer Sebastian Currier and video from artist Pawel Wojtasik. Currier describes the film as “an elegy for a future that must not happen: New Orleans has been submerged under water.”  Tonight’s event starts at 7:30pm.


Empire Dine and Dance welcomes Lyle Lovett’s singer Francine Reed to their stage tonight for a night of class, distinction and soul.  Francine will be belting ’em out in for this intimate show which begins at 8:30.

It’s certain to be an interesting evening at Mathew’s as Mod Night rises from the dead for a night of dancing in Portland.  Tonight Kurt Baker and Ian Paige, two dudes with the most noteworthy hair in Portland, collaborate to bring you all of your favorite retro soul, R&B, garage, pop and rock n’ roll vinyl that’ll keep your bones shaking all night long. It’s free, it’s fun and there’ll be plenty of cheap beverages on hand to keep you hydrated, so check it out starting at 9 o’clock this evening.


Local singer/songwriter Dustin Saucier, who just released his debut album I Wrote a Letter will join indie folk rockers Yes We Kin and Elizabeth Tailon for a night of free music at Flask Lounge tonight.  Things get started at 9 o’clock, so if you’re out and about check it out.


The Asylum in Portland is the place to be to take in tantalizing amounts of badassery courtesy of groups of three. Tonight is all about trios as the highly influential Jon Spencer Blues Explosion ignite the stage with their rock and roll.  Setting things off will be Portland’s own punk rock threesome The Outfits.  Things get crankin’ around 9.

The 90 Minute Blonde presents I Know What You Did Last Summer, a night filled with horror, humor and titillation from some of Portland’s best drag/burlesque performers as well as musicians at Geno’s Rock Club .  There’ll be performances from (obviously) The 90 Minute Blonde, Holly, D’Anger, Cherry Lemonade and many, many more as well music from A Severe Joy and dilly dilly as well as sets of tunes spun by Bary Juicy and Che Ros. There are multiple performances scheduled to start at 7:30 tonight, so check it out!

The Big Easy‘s regular, chilled out Thursday crowd will be shuffling in right around 9:30 for this week’s Band Beyond Description show. What to expect: hula hoops, hippies, and good times for all with Portland’s favorite Grateful Dead cover band, who actually cover way more than just The Dead. So if you’re into mellowing your mind, get your can over to The Big Easy.

If you want to do some rocking and/or rolling tonight to everything from The Grateful Dead to Stevie Wonder, Charlie Daniels, The Beatles and everything in between, then you should probably scoot your pooch over to Gritty’s on Fore Street in Portland for another Thursday night with Velourosaurus.  It’s always free and always a helluva time so check ‘em out starting right around 9:30.



If you’re looking to grab a nice cocktail and take in some experimental jazz that mosey on over to Sonny’s in the Old Port this evening where the Jaw Gems will be doing their thing from 10 o’clock until closing time.  I’d definitely suggest making it down to this intimate, laid-back event.



Feature Image of The Nunz courtesy of Dylan Verner.

Hurdle That Hump, Y’All!


Two more @$#%ing days to go and then it’s on to the freakin’ weekend, babies!  Luckily this Hump Day is giving us a variety of places to go in order to hurdle the hump on a high note.  Bust out your Mid-Week Party Pants and get ready break it on down this Wednesday eve.

One Longfellow offers up an evening of beautiful roots music with the Virginia-based Honey Dew Drops headlining a show.  Joining the pair will be Portland’s own, The Barn Swallows who’ll be offering up a repertoire of traditional and originals songs with deep roots in bluegrass and old-time harmony to kick things off right around 8 o’clock this evening.

Wednesdays mean open mic night over at Slainte in Portland where local musicians showcase their original songs from 8 to 10. So if you’re looking to either play some new tunes or simply take some in, then head on down tonight for good music, good times and good people.

Flask Lounge in Portland welcomes Vancouver’s The Boom Booms to the stage tonight for a little soul, reggae, latin, folk/rock action.  These guys bring a little bit of everything to the table and are ready to play some music to party to, so check ‘em out starting at 9 tonight.

The Clash of the Titans is back and this week 90s through aught (2000s, I just like to say ‘aught’ though) emo kingpins Jimmy Eat World go head to head against the troubled pop-rock darlings Third Eye Blind.  This one pulls at my emo-core a bit as who doesn’t wanna sing along to the “do-do-do-dos” of “Semi-Charmed Life” or bob nostalgically to “The Middle”? Yeah, that’s what I thought… Things get cranking upstairs at Empire Dine and Dance in Portland right around 9:00.


We might be nearing mid-October, but something tells me that things are going to get sweaty over at Geno’s Rock Club in Portland tonight as a massive punk rock show hits the stage.  Tonight Epitaph Records’ Off With Their Heads make their way to Portland where they’ll be joined by local pop-punkers Steiner Street and The Borderlines.  Rumor has it there’ll be a ton of Fireball Whisky as well as copies of The Borderlines debut album Magical Paths To Fortune And Power on hand all night long.  Things get cranking around 9 tonight.

Back To Reality

I don’t know how a mustache photo fits in to all of this, but it just felt right.

All right, all of you who got to enjoy a glorious three-day weekend it’s time to take on reality and ease on into another workweek. Thankfully Tuesday night seems to understand that just because it’s back to work doesn’t mean that the party’s got to be put on hold.  There’s a ton of cool stuff happening around town tonight so if you’re trying to move reality from the forefront this evening here are some things you can check out.

If you’re north of Portland tonight then make your way up to the Bridge Street Tavern in Lewiston where some heady hip hop will be taking place.  Tonight you can check out sets from Brzowski, Jay Caron and Flowpez as well as groove to some hip-hop and R&B tracks spun by DJ Maine Event.  Things get started around 5 o’clock this evening.

Local folk-rock artist Brian Patricks will be playing a handful of original tunes coupled with classics that you know and love over at Andy’s Old Port Pub in Portland this evening. Patricks begins his set right around 7 o’clock and will rock you on in to the 9 o’clock hour.

Vaudevillian act, Dark Follies, will be putting on a show over at the Gorham Grind this evening where they’ll be performing every second Tuesday of the month from now through March.  Of course there’ll be plenty of delicious coffee and a very special espresso drink concocted just for this evening’s occasion, so check it out if you’re in the area starting at 7pm.

Another edition of Drop It: Open Tables Night at Flask Lounge in Portland takes place this evening.  Beginning at 9 o’clock you can sign up for a slot DJing on some open tables over at The Flask, all you need to bring are some records, CDS, and a pair of headphones.  Tonight BILLA provides an opening set of house music to get things started. This one’s absolutely free-of-charge, so check it out.

Another freebie to check out is over at Slainte Wine Bar & Lounge as DJ Ponyfarm presents another entertainment-filled evening of karaoke.  That’s right, if you’re looking to belt it out and be your own rockstar, you can do just that starting at 9 o’clock tonight and with absolutely no cover charge.

If you wanna take some time out this Tuesday night and chill out to some experimental jazz that mosey on over to Local 188 on Congress Street this evening where the Jaw Gems will be doing their thing from 10 o’clock until closing time.

Making It Through Another Monday

My mum told me that if you have nothing good to say, then don’t say anything at all, so that’s how I’m going to handle things this Monday evening.  Let’s just brush our shoulders off and get on with it, shall we?

The weather might be a little nippy for a night of tunes out by the great Atlantic, but local Americana/roots act This Way will be doing their thing out on the deck at the Portland Lobster Company and their good tunes and good times should be sure to keep you warm.  They’ll be rocking into the 8 o’clock hour this Monday evening.

Russian singer-songrwriter and indie rock extraordinaire Regina Spektor makes her way over to The State Theatre in Portland tonight.  This is bound to be an awesome show as Spektor is certainly super cool in my book having had a couple albums produced by the one and only Jeff Lynne (I love you, Uncle Jeff).  NYC-based songwriter Only Son starts this off this evening right around 7.


A sweet little indie rock show is taking place over at SPACE Gallery this evening where MO’s Believers make a trip to Portland to make some atmospheric, indie-rock jams that are certain to make you dance.  Also rounding out this evening’s bill are Portland’s eclectic rockers Foam Castles and the noise-pop, electronic creations of Computer at Sea.  This evening’s event begins right around 8 o’clock, so check it out.

Touring acts Potty Mouth (who are an all girl, bad ass rock and roll outfit) and Psychic Blood make a trip to Portland tonight for a loud fuckin’ show at Mathew’s.  Local acts CHRY and Gravel get in on the thrash action as well.  Things get crankin’ right around 8 o’clock.

A show with a little bit of everything is happening over at Flask Lounge tonight.  Beginning at 9, swing on by The Flask for this free Monday night music fest featuring Indre Stryke, which is the electronic/ambient solo project of Rural Ghosts’ Erik Neilson, as well as the 4-piece psychedelic gutter blues of ForMorning and local artist with a style all of his own, Dan Knudsen.  Things get…eclectic beginning at 9.

The Big Easy invites one and all to their weekly jam session known as The Players Ball.  This event is for musicians and music lovers alike as you can bring your instrument and come play with other cats from around town or simply come watch some of your favorite artists do their thing on stage.  If you come to play you get in for free and if you’re just coming by to take in the spectacle of it all its only three bucks.  The Players Ball will feature a house band of Adam Frederick, Warren McPhearson, Max Cantlin, Reed Chambers as well as a slew of special guests.  Things get fun and funky beginning at 9 o’clock this evening.


The 8th Annual Portsmouth Halloween Parade Rock Show to raise funds for Portsmouth’s Halloween Parade (obviously) is going down at The Coat of Arms tonight starting at 7.  You can check out crazy, high-energy rock and roll from Supermachine, A Minor Revolution, Bastards of the Young (which is a tribute to The Replacements) and Wimpy & The Medallions.  It’s certain to be a crazy time, so check it out if you’re in the area this evening.

Sweet Sunday Fun Day

Ahh Sunday, I have spent you sleeping off a pretty decent hangover and I’m quite satisfied with that to tell you the truth.  Last night was full of far too much fun celebrating the engagement of two of my pals amongst the company of pals old and new, but apparently car bombs, something called a Birthday Cake shot, beers, vodka, peanuts and popcorn were all part of last night’s festivities and today ‘well’ is definitely not a word I would use to describe myself. I am getting old and recovering from Saturday nights just ain’t what it used to be.  Anyway, if you survived your share of this weekend’s poor life decisions and are ready to get out there once again as many have Monday off thanks to that Chris Columbus dude, there are some things to check out this Sunday Fun Day. Here you go.

The fellas in Dark Hollow Bottling Company bring their rootsy Americana tunes to life at good ol’ Ruski’s Tavern in Portland tonight starting at 7 o’clock.

Local singer-songwriter Keelan Donovan celebrates the release of his six-song EP “With Love” over at One Longfellow in Portland tonight.  Keelan spent a large amount of time immersed in the Nashville music scene after graduating from Cheverus and then enrolling at Belmont University. Much of his songwriting reflects that journey and tonight he promises to engage audience members not only with his lyrics, but with his entertaining live show as well.  Things get started at 7 o’clock this evening with an opening act from local songstress Amy Allen.


The Big Easy plays host to a fundraiser this evening in order to help raise funds to replace a stolen oboe that was taken from Hoboe’s leader and oboist, Zen Ben back in July when the act played a show in Saratoga Springs, NY.  Tonight local musicians rally together to help Zen Ben raise money to replace his oboe, which was estimated to be valued at approximately $6000.  Starting at 7 there will be performances from Kane Grogan and The Accepted Eclectics, Oliver Waterman Band, Station 85, Lazy Lightning, Arcane Lore, Captain Ray and the Castaways as well as a special comedy set from Birdie Googins (The Mardens Lady!).  There’ll also be an open mic portion of the evening as well as items to be raffled off in an auction to also help Zen Ben pay for a new oboe.

A big ol’ skull crushing rock show is taking place at Geno’s in Portland tonight as Hessian’s Angus celebrates his hatch day in style with a loud, badass metal show featuring Seax, Amadis, Thrillhouse and Hessian.  Things get crankin’ right around 9 tonight.

If you’re looking to shake it all the way into the wee hours of Monday morning, then I would suggest getting down to Flask Lounge in Portland for another edition of their Sunday Fun Day event.  Sunday Fun Day takes place every first and third Sunday of the month and brings you different installments of dance music from different artists from all over the place.  Brought to you by DJs Aphilly8 and Psydways, Sunday Fun Day features 80-minute sets from DJs who are sure to get you grooving. Sunday Fun Day kicks off at The Flask around 9pm tonight.

I will admit that I’m pretty bummed that I have to work tomorrow and therefore am not up in Rangeley this evening partying with The Mallett Brothers Band at Moose Alley, but if you’re in the area tonight be sure to swing on by. Moose Alley is a one-of-a-kind venue up in Rangeley that not only features a bowling alley and live music, but there’s an indoor fire pit as well; it’s pretty badass. Foot stomping and general revelry begins at 8 o’clock tonight.

If you’re in Portsmouth tonight swing by The Press Room this evening where Portland’s own Kurt Baker will be taking you to church – soul church that is.  Starting at 9, Kurt and friends will be spinning all your favorite Motown, Northern soul, mod, garage rock and retro pop to shake your tail feathers to.  It’s free and will most likely turn into a nice little Sunday evening seacoast party, so check it out.

Saturated Saturday

It’s time to keep on dancin’ to the rock and roll this Saturday night.  Things might be a little wet out there this evening, but there are plenty of ways to heat things up and stay dry all around town and beyond with a multitude of different things to check out.  Hike up those Party Pants and get ready to do it to it this Saturday.

If you’re looking to get down on some funk and soul at a reasonable hour this Saturday night then mosey on over to The Big Easy for another installment of the Saturday Night Soul, Jazz and Blues Series, which begins right around 8 o’clock. Tonight Jimmy and the Soul Cats will keep your rump shaking this evening, so head on down and check ‘em out.

Tons of dancing with be done over at Mayo Street Arts in Portland tonight as a night of Americana gypsy folk paired with honky tonk and foot-stomping rockabilly roar through with Ryan Flaherty and The Burners, Sean Mencher and his Rhythm Kings as well as Teri Joyce and the Tagalongs.  The good times start rollin’ right around 8 o’clock.

Free dance party upstairs at Empire Dine and Dance in Portland tonight where Single Point will be bringing you selections of 90s rock as well as popular tunes of today.  Beginning at 9 you can bust a move to everything from 311, Adele, Foo Fighters, Lady Gaga and more.


A party with some of the freshest beats will be busting up the downstairs of The Asylum in Portland tonight as another installment of ZESTY starts at 9 tonight featuring El Shupacabra, DJ Nicotine and Don Damiani.  It’s free so if you’re out and about be sure to check it out.

A night of techno, house, and drum and bass takes over Flask Lounge tonight as Jiggle It, a party that will obviously involve Jello shots, gets underway right around 9.  It’s free and will feature sets from Carl Fisher, London Water and Konfuzion.

Maybe you’re looking to pump your fists to something a bit more rockin’ this evening, then fret not as Geno’s has your evening plans made with a show featuring a line up of KYOTY, Inaeona, Vultures of Cult and Superorder.  Shit gets loud starting at 9.

In awesome news local hip-hop artist eyenine is currently gearing up to go on tour with Wu Tang’s RZA and tonight kicks off the tour and celebrates in style with a free show at Slainte featuring some of the coolest cats in town.  Starting at 9 you can check out not only eyenine, but dilly dilly, Ill By Instinct, MC22, Shupe and many, many more.  It is a free show, but there’ll be an opportunity to throw some cash at the musicians, might as well drop in a couple bucks for these guys (and gal) to buy themselves a fancy beer, right? Right! Get to it.


If you’re looking to kick back with a beverage and take in the scenes of the Old Port on a Saturday night then head over to Sonny’s right around 10 o’clock where mosart212 will be spinning records all night long.

Big ol’ rock show north of Portland tonight over at Irish Twins Pub in Lewiston with Beyond The Fall, 6gig, Loki and Breakthrough so if you’re hangin’ near the Twin Cities tonight, go show some support and get rowdy starting at 9.

Bangor rock duo When Particles Collide and Bangor Daily News have teamed up to present events around the Bangor area that highlight original music acts not only from the area, but also from around Maine and New England.  Tonight they present two awesomely talented singer-songwriters to the Bangor Opera House for an evening of music.  Beginning at 8 o’clock you can take in songs from Sara Hallie Richardson, who pairs her clear, crisp vocals with electronic soundscapes to create songs of beauty, alongside the emotional and experimental tunes of the one and only Jacob Augustine.

And south of the border this evening will be an impressive indie rock show over at The Press Room in Portsmouth.  Tonight Dover, NH’s psychedelic indie rock act Tan Vampires teams up with Portland’s indie folk act The Milkman’s Union for a night of tuneage that gets started at 9.

I’d also like to extend my sympathies to the friends and family of musician Nick Curran who passed away today after losing his battle with cancer.  May you rock in peace, Nick.

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