An Attempt At Boosting Monday Morale

Ah, here we go again, another Monday is upon us and ready to do its best to completely destroy morale amongst the masses, but this time I think I’m ready to win this battle.  This Monday I will not find myself completely dejected and in dire straights due to a serious case of The Mondays, instead I will throw on my trust Party Pants and rock this Monday like it has never been rocked before.  I encourage you guys to join me in this Monday ass kicking and party on down until we finally arrive into Tuesday, so let’s join forces and do this thing.

There’ll be some free bluegrass over at Empire Dine and Dance in Portland where you can take in some fine, traditional bluegrass courtesy of Portland’s own bluegrass supergroup, The Stowaways, as well as participate in an open bluegrass jam session that starts downstairs right around 6.  So bring something to pick and/or pluck and get ready to jam out, The Stowaways will keep your toes tapping with a set of tunes that’ll start after the open jam right around 8pm.


Free Monday action over at RiRa on Commercial Street in Portland where yet another installment of Evan Walsh aka EvGuy’s open mic series takes place.  Each and every Monday evening EvGuy hosts his own version of an adult talent show starting right around 8 o’clock.  Instruments are provided and if you can’t actually play one, EvGuy will be more than happy to bang out a manageable version of a song for you to sing along to.

The Big Easy invites one and all to their weekly jam session known as The Players Ball.  This event is for musicians and music lovers alike as you can bring your instrument and come play with other cats from around town or simply come watch some of your favorite artists do their thing on stage.  If you come to play you get in for free and if you’re just coming by to take in the spectacle of it all its only three bucks.  The Players Ball will feature a house band of Adam Frederick, Warren McPhearson, Max Cantlin, Reed Chambers as well as a slew of special guests.  Things get fun and funky beginning at 9 o’clock this evening.

Flask Lounge plays host to three awesome acts this evening as Portland’s own electro/indie-pop outfit A Severe Joy is joined by Geronimo! and Henry Hoagland for an evening of unique tuneage. Tonight’s show is bound to be banging, so check it out starting at 9 o’clock.

If you’re looking to thrash away those Monday blues then make it down to Geno’s Rock Club in Portland for some heavy hitting rock and roll courtesy of Ominous Black, Slyvia, Dutchguts and Eastern Spell.  Things get loud starting at 9.


About thenunz

Known as "The Nunz," I'm a musician from Portland, Maine with an unabashed love for this city and its music scene. I can be found around town at local shows, performing with any variety of local acts or hosting "Cover to Cover" at The Big Easy. I love a good taco, George Harrison, and stupid cat videos.

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