It’s cold and wet and I’m incredibly tired, shamelessly eating chicken tenders while I write this (late) blog, but you know what? It’s mothahuggin’ Friday and I am overwhelmingly happy about that simple fact.  Suck it, throw on some rubbah boots and get ready to party down this evening! Here we go, my babies!

The State Theatre is hosting the world premiere of five short Maine-made films this evening as part of this year’s annual showcase known as Damnationland: The Way Life Should Bleed. The program presents genre-defying original works from Maine’s finest filmmakers that redefine the classic thriller and horror categories, leaning toward visions that are surreal, comedic, and artful, while still providing scares, shocks and surprises. This is big to-do this evening so swing by The State at 7 to check it out and get yourself ready for Halloween whilst supporting awesome, local artists.

A full night of roots music blows through Blue on Congress Street in Portland tonight where starting at 8 o’clock you can check out a full set from Dark Hollow Bottling Company followed by Matt Meyer and Gumption Junction at 10!

Some very talented cats in the form of LQH (that’s Chas Lester, Tyler Quist and Evan Haines) take over Dogfish Bar and Grill on Free Street in Portland this evening.  They bring their melting pot of sound that includes everything from soul to jazz to funk to rock to the Dogfish stage beginning at 8:30 tonight.  Head on over and check ‘em out.

Better get your partying done at Prime Artist Studios while you can and what better way to do it than with an awesome glowing keg party?  Tonight join Superorder along with Capture The Sun, Contrapposto, Eastern Spell and Sand Castle for any evening of glow and the dark revelry, progressive, psychedelic, pop, metal and electronic ambient sounds.  Basically there’s a little bit of everything for everyone so if you’re old enough and ready to throw down at a crazy ass shindig, make your way down to the Prime space around 8 tonight.

Dance parties seem to be a thing this evening so let’s start with one that’s taking place over at Bayside Bowl with garage rockin’ from JJ and the Cuban Heels and The Gamma Goochies. DJ Matt Little will be on hand spinning some groovy tunes in between sets as well so check it out starting at 8.

It almost seems as if the Kill the Karaoke dudes are on a southern Maine tour.  All summer they held it down in OOB and tonight you can find them out in The Boonies at The Buxton Tavern in Buxton, Maine doing their live karaoke thing.  The fellas will be bringing their live band karaoke to the country alongside their host and local comedian Connor McGrath.  It’s the only karaoke that truly lets your inner rock star shine through and it all gets started right around 8:30 tonight.

A bad ass rock and/or roll show is going down at Geno’s in Portland tonight where Lorem Ipsum Recordings presents The Coalsack in Crux with Rural Ghosts and Arcane Lore. Lots and lots of awesome sounds will start hitting your earholes right around 9, so go ahead and check it out.

Local hip hop heavy J.J. King celebrates the pre-release of his debut solo album down at The Big Easy in Portland tonight. King, who you’ll definitely recognize from his work with Labseven as well as The Dirty White Hates, steps out on his own tonight in support of his first solo endeavor.  The evening will kick off with performances from Labseven and Doc Joshua and the one and only Mallett Brothers Band will act as King’s backing band to bring the album to life.  Get your ass downtown around 9 o’clock.


If you’re looking to check out a little Drum & Bass action this evening then mosey on down to Flask Lounge in Portland where The Digital Mercenaries will be delivering sounds that are sure to make you shake your hips all night long.  Tonight’s event starts at 9 o’clock and will feature sets from Miztah Lex as well as a plethora of other DJs, so check it out.

And more ways for you to shake it like a salt shaker are happening over at Slainte Wine Bar & Lounge where DJs Tremendous Cream and Petfinder will be spinning the best soul, garage, pop and more starting at 9 o’clock!

If you’re looking for some unique jams this evening then head on upstairs at Empire Dine and Dance where Three Legged Fox, Fear Nuttin’ Band and Portland’s own Beat Horizon will be providing some danceable grooves for your Friday eve beginning at 9.

Velourosaurus will be bringing the party all the way up to Rangeley, Maine this evening as they play at Moose Alley. Moose Alley is a one-of-a-kind venue up in Rangeley that not only features a bowling alley and live music, but there’s an indoor fire pit as well; it’s pretty badass. Velourosaurus will be providing the soundtrack for a party this evening with their rock/funk/jam explosion starting at 8.


About thenunz

Known as "The Nunz," I'm a musician from Portland, Maine with an unabashed love for this city and its music scene. I can be found around town at local shows, performing with any variety of local acts or hosting "Cover to Cover" at The Big Easy. I love a good taco, George Harrison, and stupid cat videos.

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